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Revenue and expenditure ledger calculator

Calculation parameters

The price valuation relates to SIMPLE PLAN and STANDARD PLAN. In case of PERFECT PLAN, the price is defined individually.

Monthly volume of accounting documents
Number of permanent employees:
Additional services
Preparation of the DRA deklaration
Intra-Community transactions, import, export
Exchange rate differences on foreign currency transactions
Sales invoicing - state the number of invoices
Accounting for a partner in a non-commercial partnership, general partnership, limited partnership - state the number of partners
Statement for a contract of mandate/ for a specified task, including tax and ZUS accounts - state the number of persons engaged under a contract of mandate/ for a specified task
Price calculation
Fee for posting documents:
Fee for wage accounting:
Fee for additional services:


All the prices are net prices. The price calculator calculates the price based on selected parameters. The calculation provided is tentative.