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about us accounting company

About Us


Our accounting office was established in 2005. We have used this time to expand our knowledge and develop practical skills. Constant improvement of our qualifications and service qualities is our objective.
We enjoy the confidence of our clients and we are very glad that many of them have cooperated with us since the beginning of the office.

Our Clients

Business activity

Numerous and important group of our clients. An Individual entrepreneurs expect not only basic accounting services but also advice and assistance in solving simple and more complicated matters. Entrepreneurs recommend our services.

Civil, General and Limited Partnerships

A wide group of entities, from the smallest civil partnerships providing services to large general partnerships and limited partnerships dealing with production. What's specific, each partner is subject to taxation, not the partnership itself. We serve entities with a turnover exceeding PLN 100 million per year what makes us proud.

Limited Liability Companies

A large group of diverse entities. The operation of the LLC is formalized and requires full accounting. Size regardless, every company will find right offer.

Foundations, Associations

Non-profit social organizations working out statutory tasks, including those running a business. Depending on nature of the organization, its income may be tax exempt. Foundations and associations are among our clients.

Branches of Foreign Companies

One of the forms of conducting business activity in Poland is running a business by foreign enterprises. Keeping the accounts of the branch, we consider the reporting requirements of a parent company. Communication in English assured.


  1. 1. Perfect combination of service quality and price

    Excellent quality of services along with professional assistance make an ideal offer in attractive price.

  2. Trouble-free communication

    All activities relating to accounting services may be conducted via internet without personal meetings.

  3. Immediate help

    90 percent of questions are answered right away or within 24 hours. We like to solve tough problems.