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From 157 pln

Revenue and expenditure ledger, flat-rate tax accounts

Offer for self-employed persons, sole proprietors, non-commercial partnerships, general partnerships, private partnerships.

Documents are delivered electronically (email, Google Drive) or traditionally. Tax accounts and accounting records are made available in the Google Drive Company folder. Client - Office data are synchronized automatically.

Online accounting

2 Accounting plans

Accounting plans matching various needs. Select the Accounting Plan that's right for you. Specify the monthly number of accounting documents under the selected plan. Check the monthly price for accounting services

Simple Plan

It is intended for self-employed individuals and freelancers. The plan offers packets for up to 5 and up to 10 documents.

Standard Plan

A good choice for small entrepreneurs running a business. The plan offers packets of up to 20, up to 40, up to 60, up to 100, up to and above 200 documents.

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Price list

Simple Plan
  • 157 pln - packet of up to 5 documents
  • 217 pln - packet of up to 10 documents
  • Standard Plan
  • 237 pln - packet of up to 20 documents
  • 337 pln - packet of up to 40 documents
  • ... for more plan items see the price list
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    Sign the contract

    It's easy. Complete the application form. You can sign the contract with a e-puap signature or in a traditional way (the contract will be sent to the company's address by registered mail).

    Sign the contract

    Key features of the contract:

  • It is an indefinite term contract
  • It may be terminated with a one-month notice
  • Selected packet may be changed annually free of charge
  • Accounting documents may be exchanged electronically
  • Accounting Office has mandatory insurance coverage of up to 1,000,000 pln (EUR 200,000)
  • Agreement template