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Professional qualifications are guaranteed by the Certificate of Polish Ministry of Finance. Choose the reputable accountants!


Liability insurance

We have mandatory insurance coverage of up to 1,000,000 pln (EUR 200,000)

Insurance policy

Full accounting

from 377 pln

Services are suitably adjusted to your needs. 377 pln net is a minimum price for full accounting of limited liability company. Ideal plans for most small companies from 777 pln net.

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Business activity

from 157 pln

Interesting conditions of cooperation. Attractive price offers. Plans for selfemployed from 157 pln net. Plans for small companies from 237 pln net.

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HR and payroll

from 47 pln

Choose the best option for you and sleep well. Calculation of salaries 47 pln net. Full hr and payroll service 77 pln net.

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